Southend Bed and Breakfasts

Southend-on-Sea is a seaside borough in the ceremonial county of Essex which is in the East of England.

This seaside borough has been favoured as place of bathing and recreation since the Georgians who found it pleasing and conveniently close to London. Later, with the addition of a Great Eastern Railway station, it become more accessible. It remains a popular seaside destination and much of its industry relies on tourism.

Since the Stone Age, ten thousand years ago, the area was sporadically inhabited by the hunter-gather people. Through the various later ages the settlements became more established, but it was the Romans who first left their mark.

Roman burial sites were discovered in the first quarter of the 20th century in Prittlewell, an area of the borough. While the Romans undoubtedly made good use of the area, it is more likely to be remembered for its later Saxon inhabitants. It is thought that Prittlewell's parish church was built on the site of a 7th century Saxon church, since this was the century in which Christianity took hold in England.

The most noteworthy discovery from the Saxon period was made quite recently and was that of a remarkably well preserved tomb dating from the same century. Scholars speculate that it might be the tomb of Saebert of Essex, the son of Sledda, a King of Essex. A bounty of valuable artefacts were discovered in the tomb and it received a considerable amount of media attention.

For anyone hoping to fully enjoy a trip to this popular seaside town, a Southend Bed and Breakfast is one of the best ways go about it. Accommodations range from those with magnificent panoramic sea views in luxurious listed buildings, to the specifically contemporary with a flair for innovative design.

For the comfort of guests, all rooms are non-smoking and come with a variety of standard amenities. Depending on where you stay, the additional conveniences of wireless internet connection and gym access are available.

A Southend Bed and Breakfast on our site will provide a warm welcome, stylish lodgings and a tempting breakfast to get you out of bed.